Compagnie De Provence

In 1990, two friends from Marseilles, passionate about decoration and design decide to revisit an old tradition: the iconic cube of Marseille soap. Aware of its place in the Provencal cultural heritage, they decided to reinterpret it in a modern and contemporary way. In 1999, Compagnie de Provence innovates by offering a unique liquid version of the Marseille soap. Made the traditional way in a cauldron from vegetable oils such as its solid ancestor, it is presented in a glass bottle with a pumpwith marked and clean graphic codes. This invention gives the brand an international scale and strengthens its image of modernity that it continues to cultivate ever since. In 2013, the company associates itself with an Italian dermatological group to accelerate its development and meet the increasingly challenging demands of consumers in terms of quality, innovation and cosmetic quality.
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