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Illumens - Fig and Ginger Diffuser

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This Fig and Ginger scent might sound good enough to eat, but it is just one of the festive season fragrances on offer from Illumens. Caroline and Russell McCleave have handmade a wide range of scented candles and aromatic tapers from their base in rural Suffolk. They are passionate about all aspects of the process, from identifying fragrances in the world around them, to packaging design. As a result their products are a joy on many levels.

Bring aroma into your home with Fig and Ginger Diffuser.

Item: Diffuser only
Lasts around 12 weeks in constant use

Simply put the wooden tapers into the oil bottle and allow the fragrance oil to rise up the reeds by capillary action, and evaporate into the room. Turn the sticks every now and again for more fragrance.

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